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Welcome to Chad-Rpg!

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FRPG Starter

Start as a new adventurer in a fantasy role-playing world, entering a tavern.

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Cyberpunk Starter

Start as a capable human being at a neon city in a Cyberpunk world.

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Random Starter

Start the game at a random place, in a random world, while on a random event.

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Custom Starter

Start your own unique adventure in your own world!

Game's Open Back Again

But free bard API is not responding stable sometimes as it is an experiment ai. I'll try to minimize bugs by game prompt and error handling but ultimate solution is a stable chat api. So don't take your games so seriously for now, as it may get stuck at the most enjoyable moment.

  • Game carried from chatgpt to bard's unofficial free api, not the best chatbot solution but only free solution i've found for now.
  • Sadly, creating a save system is not possible without a stable chat api, So only quick games can be played for now.
  • PR's - ideas are all welcome! (Especially in game prompt.)
  • You can share me the bugs u've encountered.
28th of august 2023